Who Do We Work With?

We prefer to focus where we believe we can add real value. This includes:
Financial Services - within FS, we are focused on markets and market infrastructure. This does include a broad range of participants, from Retail Brokers through to Regulators, Investment Banks, Sellside, Buyside, Exchange operators, Clearing, Settlement, etc.
FinTech - this can be a very broad category. Within FinTech, we largely work with companies within the markets (including post-trade and retail investor platforms) and market infrastructure base.
VCs, Family Offices and Private Equity - we work with Fintech investors to help them identify, understand and interact with Fintech companies that meet their criteria.

Our Services

  • Non-Executive Director and Board Advisor As a member of the Institute of Directors, Brian is a strong advocate of well-structured Board governance. He has gained a deep understanding of Financial and Operational Risk throughout his career and enjoys drawing on his extensive experience when helping Boards to advise their executive teams, particularly those of early stage or start-up companies. Brian has had several Non-Executive Director roles, including Chair of Board and Chairs of Finance and Remuneration Committees. He holds a Certificate in Company Direction from the Institute of Directors and has also attended their Role of the Chair course.
  • Strategy and Product Consulting Partnering with clients to review the strategic landscape in which they operate to help them form practical and focused strategies. Moraine Advisors strongly believe that the long-term success of a company is the product of a close alignment between Strategy and its Vision, Purpose and Values. We also believe in having processes in place to ensure that this alignment extends to product placement, customer experience and operational excellence. Our consulting services are not limited to Strategy. Designing new trading and FinTech products is a particular expertise of Moraine Advisors. With extensive experience in trading algorithms, order types and Transaction Cost Analysis platforms, we are able to help clients develop trading-related products focused on intelligent execution. We are also familiar with Retail trading apps across Europe, China and the US, and have had involvement with clearing, settlement and RegTech platforms.
  • Funding & Capital Introduction Matching the right investor and Fintech requires time and expertise. Moraine Advisors works closely with its partners to understand their businesses and strategies, and then introduce them to suitable opportunities. Once we have found a suitable match, our support does not end there. Where we can, we will make an investment alongside the investor to demonstrate our confidence in the match and cement our ongoing partnership and support.
  • Market Structure Consulting Leveraging our 20 plus years of experience in global markets, Moraine Partners are able to provide Market Participants with advice and insights on market models, regulatory considerations and global best practices. We work with Hedge Funds and Liquidity Providers to analyse market models and help Regulators make sense of participant behaviour and the potential impact of new polices.